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Welcome to HALLOWCON'S
Black Wolf Tavern

    Lately I have noticed some conventions tauting their ConSuite as the BEST in Southern Fandom. Through courtesy I have always said ours is one of the best. However, if you ask our attendees they will tell you, in no uncertain terms, who's ConSuite is the best. All our food is prepared, fresh, on the premises, on what our folks has dubbed Grillzilla. We do not prepare dishes months in advance and freeze them until the convention rolls around. The only things we prepare in advance are things that are better when left to sit a couple days, like our Hamburger Soup, which I usually cook on Wednesday so the flavor can blend for a couple days and the pulled pork bar-b-que. Or dishes that are best served cold like the pasta and tomato salad or the pimento cheese. We serve full meals at specified times to make sure everyone gets to eat while it's hot and fresh. Our meals are also served Cafeteria style by our staff, so no one has to worry about who's hands was in it before them. Along with this we have soft drinks and snacks available at all times as our ConSuite never closes from the time we open until the time we close the convention. Our beer tap is open from 3:00PM till 2:00AM on Friday and noon till 2:00AM on Saturday, with the Liquor bar being open from 8:00PM until 2:00AM both nights. Supper is served Friday night at 8:00PM, Lunch at noon on Saturday and a Full Banquet Saturday evening at 6:00PM. Our Host Motel serves breakfast.

Our menu for HallowCon 2015 is:   Friday night Cookout - Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Smoked Sausage and Bar-b-qued Pork                                                               sandwiches with all the trimmings and baked beans.

                                                              Saturday Lunch - Soup and various kinds Sandwiches.

                                                              Saturday Feast - Whole Boston Butts grilled to perfection by our fantastic Grill Crew as                                                             well as Beef Pot Roasts cooked with Potatoes, Carrots and Onions, fresh Tossed Salad                                                               and Rolls. No additional fees here, everyone eats like Royalty.
    For our Non-carnivore members we have Salad, Veggie Trays and other vegetables. Trust me, no one goes hungry at one of our events.

    If all that wasn't enough we also have live performances and several events that we hold in our ConSuite. What other convention can you get Dinner and a Show at the same time.

All free with paid membership.

The Bar as you enter the Con-Suite.

From the entrance looking toward the Dance Floor

From behind the Dance Floor looking towards the Bar.

Our Patio Smoking Area just outside the Con-Suite.

The New Black Wolf Tavern. All it needs is You.

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