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A Look into the future of HallowCon

The following is a list of dates and themes for future HallowCons

HallowCon 2013 - October 25-27
The Un-Grateful Dead

We haven't done Zombies yet, so we will for this year's theme. Zombies use to be fun, they had no reasoning abilities, they were slow and stumbling and their victims always had to fall down so the Zombies could eat their brains. Now we have Super Zombies, they are faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locamotive and can catch a brain in one hand while they play a banjo with the other two.

HallowCon 2014 - Oct. 31- Nov. 2
King of Horror
    This Theme will be based on all the great movies from the writings of Stephen King.
HallowCon 2015 - Oct. 30- Nov. 1
Haunted Nights
    HallowCon wouldn’t be complete with out a visit from the Ghost Busters. This year we
will be covering such greats as, yes, The Ghost Busters, The Poltergeist movies, The
Haunting, House on Haunted Hill and nany more.
HallowCon 2016 - October 28-30
    It’s time to re-write history, a bit,.What if Vampyre Pirates ruled the Seven Seas? I am
currently collaborating with G. R. Holton on a series of books and a Screen Play based on
this Theme. What if all our favorite Infamous Pirates were turned instead of dying. How
would this have changed our world with Vampyrates in control of all ocean travel and
shipping? Find out soon in the upcoming books.


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