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Literary Programming for 2014

9:00PM - HallowCon Meet and Greet - Main Programming
    Meet and hobnob with all our wonderful guests for HallowCon 2014.

Walter Rice

1. Fighting paranormal creatures.... Dealing with and getting rid of
werewolves, vampires, ghosts demons and other supernatural creatures.

2. Creatures among us..... How many of the supernatural creatures from
history adapted to live among us, and how to see them.

G. R. Holton
1. The history of Stephen King. A Biography of the man and his writing.

2. Favorite King Novels. A discussion of the man’s work and why they are your favorites.

Robert E. Brown
1. Horror Art
Join Rob as he explores the dark depths of horror in illustrative art. Discuss the techniques and methods to bringing "horrific" atmosphere to your art. Horror is atmosphere…

2. Perspective 101
Join Rob as he works through 1, 2 and 3 point perspective within illustrative art. Learn techniques where artists "fudge" the rules to save time and space. Three dimensional art begins here.

Joe Dickerson
1. HallowCon Horror Trivia

Test your knowledge of all things Horror with Joe Dickerson and Rachael Hill in a round-robin style discussion.

2. The History of Horror Fiction
Join Joe Dickerson as he explores the history of horror fiction.

Jeremy Hicks
1. From Roses Red to Towers Dark
Content: This should be a panel featuring multiple authors and even artists influenced by the works of Stephen King. We can discuss his influence on popular fiction, movies, and television as well as his influence on our own works. The audience can even be involved as we as them how Stephen King has affected their lives, from enjoying his films for checking under the bed at night for killer clown dolls.

2. Luna's Children: Werewolves in Short Fiction
Content: I would like to do a panel with author/editor Alan Lewis to discuss Luna's Children, the new two set anthology of werewolf short stories from Dark Oak Press. We can do select readings from our own tales in these anthologies as well as tie this into the overall Stephen King theme by discussing how King's own tale about lycanthropy, Cycle of the Werewolf, influenced our stories and those of other writers in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

D. Alan Lewis
1. Crossover horror:
We'll talk about the horror stories that have crossed genres and put a scare in steampunk, sci-fi, and other popular tales.

2. The Classic Monsters:
We'll talk about the classic monsters from literature and cinema and how they've evolved and affected our current view of horror.

T. D. Raufson

1. Whose Stephen King is it anyway
An interactive, fun audience participation look at King and his work.

2. King of Horror Themes
A discussion of King's use of horror themes in his writing. Audience participation in the dialog will be critical.

Lincoln Crisler
1. Stephen King Books That Should Be Movies:
Many of his novels (and even several short stories!) have been made into movies, but any true King fan can think of a few favorites as yet untapped. I'll discuss a few of mine, then open the floor for the audience to bounce a title or two off my head (not hardcovers, though...those hurt!).

2. The Writing of Joe Hill:
His lineage may dovetail him neatly into the convention's theme, but with three novels, a short story collection, a coming book series and an upcoming movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, no one can argue that King's son, Joe, easily stands as one of horror's premier authors in his own right.

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