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Literary Programming for 2013

A Fabulous Zombie Extravaganza

9:00PM - HallowCon Meet and Greet - Main Programming
    Meet and hobnob with all our wonderful guests for HallowCon 2013.

10:00PM - Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes
    The co-creators of the Cycle of Ages Saga sit down to discuss the world of faraway Faltyr, both inside and out.  During this panel, the authors will talk about their saga's origins, its various formats, and what its future means to fans of fantasy everywhere.

11:00PM -
Marcus Harris and James Joyner
Surviving the New Zombie Apocalypse ...
    Think you know Zombies? Think you have what it takes to survive the new Zombie outbreak?
    These new Zombies are different ... They are faster, smarter and deadly than anything you have seen before. They don't want to eat you, or devour your brains ... their only concern, their only goal, is to infect you and spread the parasite that is responsible for this latest outbreak!
    Join Marshall James T. Mason and Major Sebastian Perry, members of the Z.R.T. (Zombie Response Team), in a briefing about this latest threat and learn how with proper training and weapons, we can end the apocalypse before it starts!

    Be sure to sign up for the Zombie Shoot happening at 11:00AM Saturday.

10:00AM - Rachael Hill
Coffee, Donuts, and Zombies
    Join Rachael Hill in a general discussion about zombies.  It's got zombies, caffeine, and a sugar high.  What could possibly go wrong?

11:00AM - Cheryl Hutton
How dead is dead?

    There are different ideas about when human life ends. In our society, brain death is the gold standard. A zombie is physically dead, but there must be some brain function to enable them to move, see, hear, grab, and eat. Does that mean they aren’t dead after all?

12:00 Noon - Robert E. Brown and Mark Helwig
The Working Artist Workshop
    Join Rob in this ongoing panel where he discusses, and brings to light, the ins and outs of working in today's work force as a working artist. No fluff, just the nuts and bolts of the entertainment business and the commercial art field. in today's market, a successful artist must wear many hats... which hat do you wear?

1:00PM - G. R. Holton
Zombie Literature:
    The characters may be dead, but the books are definitely not. This is an open discussion about the use and history of zombies in storytelling.

2:00PM - Joe Dickerson and Mark Helwig

The Evolution of the Zombie
    How has the concept of a zombie changed through the ages?  Join Joe Dickerson as he explores the evolution of the zombie archetypes.

3:00PM - Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes
    Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes, the co-founders of Broke Guys Productions, discuss the origins, creation, evolution, and promotion of their screenplays, especially the darkly comedic zombie horror entitled Night of the Living Rednecks.

4:00PM - G. R. Holton
How to make the Perfect Zombie:
    No not the drink! How to use makeup and prosthetics to create your zombie character.

5:00PM - Joe Dickerson
Who Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
    Join Mark Helwig and Joe Dickerson in a no holds barred smack down as various figures in fiction and the real world are pitted against the hordes of the undead.

8:00PM - Robert E. Brown and Mark Helwig
The Art of Zombies
    Join Mark and Rob for the ultimate zombie panel.... wait for it... The Art of Zombies!!! The Duo will discuss every one's favorite zombie artist as well as what it takes to litter your art board with the bits and pieces of the undead! Both, Rancid Rob and Monstrous Mark have volunteered to sketch a zombie using guidance from everyone.... and some lucky winner will get to take the original piece of art home! You must be present to win!

9:00PM - Rachael Hill
I, Zombie
    Zombies makeup and photography with realistic blood and gore take a deft and skillful hand.  Join Rachael Hill as she discusses her techniques for accomplishing just that and see how to unlock your hidden zombie. This will lead into Rachael's and Rick's make up session for the Zombie Dance.

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