Take Me Home

Literary Programming for 2014

9:00PM - HallowCon Meet and Greet - Main Programming
    Meet and hobnob with all our wonderful guests for HallowCon 2014.

Walter Rice

1. Fighting paranormal creatures.... Dealing with and getting rid of
werewolves, vampires, ghosts demons and other supernatural creatures.

2. Creatures among us..... How many of the supernatural creatures from
history adapted to live among us, and how to see them.

G. R. Holton
1. The history of Stephen King. A Biography of the man and his writing.

2. Favorite King Novels. A discussion of the man’s work and why they are your favorites.

Robert E. Brown
Topics Coming Soon

Joe Dickerson
Topics Coming Soon

Jeremy Hicks
Topics Coming Soon

T. D. Raufson
Topics Coming Soon

Lincoln Crisler
Topics Coming Soon

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