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Welcome to HallowCon 2016
Wake of the Dutchman

Complete Update Coming Soon

!!!!!!!!!! Important Notice !!!!!!!!!!
Please Read

HallowCon Lives

I have recently finalized an agreement with a successor who has promised to continue on with HallowCon as close to the original format as possible. However, if you want to know who the new Head Honcho is, well, you will have to attend Opening Ceremonies 7:00PM Friday evening at HallowCon.

Be Sure To Get Your Pre-Regs In The Mail Before The Rate Goes Up October 1st

HallowCon 2016 T-Shirts

When I saw the preliminary sketch for the Vampyrate Theme graphic, that was only partially in color, I knew we would have to do T-Shirts, especially with this being my final convention. We have been previewing a sample shirt since Chattacon, last January, and already have nearly 4 dozen orders and already have the first run printed. We are only doing the shirts on a pre-order basis. So if you want a Vampyrate T-Shirt, in full color, you need to down load the order form and get it in the mail to the same address as on the pre-reg form. I have to turn in the rest of the order on Monday, October 3rd. to have them in time for HallowCon. I repeat, we will only be printing what is ordered, there will be no extras (well, maybe a couple for the Charity Auction).

The Return of the Great Pumpkin
With Walmart 10 minutes away I also thought it would be a good idea to do one more Pumpkin Carving Contest. You can make a quick run to Walmart and pick your own pumpkin. I can furnish carving implements, of which I have plenty, and designs if needed, or you can bring your own. I have already cleared it with the new Con Chair 1st Prize will be a free membership to HallowCon 2.0 in 2017.

FantaSciCon Fundraiser

For everyone wanting our recipes for Blood Wine and Romulan Ale this is your chance.
Blood Wine and Romulan Ale Recipes
This will be finalized at HallowCon


Also, there have been a few misunderstandings about our themes. I have had several e-mails over the past few years where members were concerned as to whether they had to dress in theme to come enjoy our conventions. The answer is no, you can wear any apparel you like. Our themes are to give our cons a new fresh look each year, instead of the same boring, undecorated walls year after year.

We hope that you will check back with us as the site grows,
and  we look forward to seeing you at HallowCon.


C/O L. D. Stacy
395 Stancil Rd.
Rossville, GA 30741
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