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Welcome to HallowCon 2015
Haunted Nights

HallowCon wouldn’t be complete with out a visit from the Ghost Busters. This year we
will be covering such greats as, yes, The Ghost Busters, The Poltergeist movies, The
Haunting, House on Haunted Hill and many more.

Special Announcements
Remember to have your pre-regs posted before the rates go up on October 1st and make your room reservation before our room block is opened on October 17th to assure you have a room with us.

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Special Events

FantaSciCon Fundraiser

For everyone wanting our recipes for Blood Wine and Romulan Ale this is your chance.
Blood Wine and Romulan Ale Recipes
This offer will only last through October 1st, 2015

On Fan Guests
We don't really do much, when it comes to having Fan Guests. In fact we have only had one. My idea of a Fan Guest is someone who has done something outstanding concerning the convention at hand. A few years back Gavin Priebe was our first, and only to date, Fan Guest. What gained him this honor? He was the first, and only, person to pre-reg for HallowCon while we were at DragonCon in 2002, 14 months out from the first HallowCon in 2003. This year we will be having our second Fan Guest. K. C. Charland of Chattacon Fame. What, you might ask, did she do to recieve this distinct honor? Well, I guess you will have to attend Opening Ceremonies at HallowCon 2015 to find out.

Also, there have been a few misunderstandings about our themes. I have had several e-mails over the past few years where members were concerned as to whether they had to dress in theme to come enjoy our conventions. The answer is no, you can wear any apparel you like. Our themes are to give our cons a new fresh look each year, instead of the same boring, undecorated walls year after year.

We hope that you will check back with us as the site grows,
and  we look forward to seeing you at HallowCon.


C/O L. D. Stacy
395 Stancil Rd.
Rossville, GA 30741
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